Tesla Launches New $0 Cost Solar Program Helping Homeowners Save Hundreds A Month

Tesla launches new $0 cost solar panel installation program helping homeowners in certain zip codes save hundreds every month on energy without paying any upfront costs for installation. Homeowners pay as little as $50 per month for the solar panels and generate more than enough to power up two homes. The excess energy generated is sold back to local utility providers for extra income. The monthly payment also includes warranty, support, maintenance, and any other necessary hardware. The largest installations cost as much as $100 per month and could generate up to $500 worth of energy per month. To see if your zip code qualifies, click below.

What Does This Mean For U.S. Homeowners?

Well, for beginners, solar has become so profitable that not only companies, but the federal and state governments are helping homeowners receive solar panel programs in specific zip codes in the U.S. with $0 costs. The funds go to solar panel contractors for installation and maintenance. The solar panels are installed on your roof with zero upfront costs. Why? You ask... Good question! Specific zip codes in the U.S. get more sunlight than others. The amount of solar energy created by these zip codes are tremendous and may not only cut your electricity payment completely but generate extra clean solar energy that is converted into watts and sold back to your utility provider. This in fact generates a source of clean energy which the government needs and creates an extra source of income for the homeowner.

It gets even better... The federal and state governments offer rebates on your solar program. Which means, if eligible, you may be able to get deductions on your solar panel payments with tax credits at the end of the year as long as you don't miss any payments. There are various federal and state rebates with incentives. To see if you qualify, click below.

Quick Recap: These programs help homeowners cut electricity payments, boost home property values, and create clean independent efficient energy with zero emissions. What are you waiting for...? To see if your home is in one of the zip codes that qualify for these programs, click check my zip code below. You may even calculate to see how much energy your specific address may bring, free online! Just click check my zip code below.

In order to get more homeowners to make the switch to clean solar energy, the federal and state governments are incentivizing specific zip codes in the U.S. to go solar with rebates and programs that cover all costs or installation fees. There are a large range of programs offering $0 down, no out-of-pocket cost solar panels to people who qualify and are in those specific zip codes.

Visit savingshunter.com and enter your information to see if you qualify for a free solar panel installation program. You may also see all other options and solar programs that are available in your area, only takes 30 seconds.

How Much Can You Save?

Your personalized solar savings estimate is determined by many factors such as electricity bill, utility provider, applicable incentives, address and local supportive solar policies. To start calculating your potential savings and eligibility, click on the map below.

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